Dining Room False Ceiling Designs

Dining Room False Ceiling Designs

Dining room is the place where you spend some of the beautiful moments with your special one, whether you are doing your lunch or breakfast or having a candlelight dinner with your beloved. So, in that case, your dining room should be designed in such a way that it should reflect the same froth. Nowadays interior designers have come up with various type of decorations and texture it can either be the wall or floor, or lighting or placing of the furniture or ceiling design. In a home decoration there are various things which can be kept in mind. Through this article we are going to provide you with various designing tips of how you can design your dining room and to give a fab look.

POP ceiling texture for dining room:

Generally for designing dining room designers usually prefer for plaster of Paris as the ceiling texture. Usually interior designers prefers for the plaster of Paris, because they are very easy to be moulded to any design or any decoration. Chandelier lighting fixtures with POP goes perfect and it gives a classy look to your dinning.  For an aesthetic look to your dining room you can paint the ceiling with dark colour.

Tray ceiling:

For dining space, inverted tray ceiling design can be another best option for you which you can easily go for. For the best colour option you can go for brown shades. You can apply any brown shades at the border of the tray ceiling or the Molding. You can also use for decorative moldings. Now you might be thinking that what type of lighting fixture will perfect with tray ceiling design. In that case, medallions are the best. When it comes to choose the colour of the medallions then it is advisable that choose such colour which will have a blend with the colour of the ceiling border. One thing you should keep in mind that the length of the medallion should be according to the size of the dining are. For a small area don’t go for the big medallion.

Coffered ceiling:

If you want to give an architectural look to your dinning then in that case you can go for the coffered type of ceiling. With coffered ceiling chandeliers will go best. Circular or any polygonal shapes you can use. Circular shapes will look best and gives you a very posh look. You can flatter with colour with various light colour shades especially green and white border to paint the block with chandelier. You can choose any type of chandelier, may be heavily decorated or light weighed chandelier looks great.

Dome Ceiling:

For a very stylish appeal, dome ceiling will look best and it is affordable. For lighting fixtures both chandeliers as well as recessed lighting can go perfect well with dome ceiling. You can go for other lighting fixtures but that could be at the centre of the dome.

False ceiling:

False ceiling can be considered as the most contemporary ceiling design prefer by most of the home owners as well suggested by the designers. Through false ceiling you can easily make a small dining area to look more spacious.

Dining Room False Ceiling Designs

Dining Room False Ceiling Designs

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Basement Ceiling Designs ideas

Do you want to give a finished look to your home? Then it is better to start from the basement designing. You can easily turn your basement as a hub for your friends and acquaintances. Whether you want to utilise the basement as an extra bedroom for your guests or you want make it as playroom for your kids or a living space for your friends, in every case well-furnished and well decorated basement is a must otherwise it can give a chaotic look. Like other rooms of your house you have to be conscious about the ceiling of your basement too. This article is going to give you some of the designing tips for your ceiling and also what are the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the appropriate ceiling design.

Generally, most of the home owners give most of their energy in choosing right and colourful wall paint and choosing of the most posh and luxurious furniture to give an exotic look to their basement but they usually forget to pay attention on the refinishing of the basement ceiling. But it is true that to give an aesthetic look to your basement to have to give a close review to the ceiling also.

The first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind that basements are usually having low ceiling as compared to the other ceiling of the rooms. So, you have to choose such ceiling design or texture which can increase the grandeur of the basement to a great extent.

Paint to the ceiling:

Generally we often feel hesitant in choosing ceiling colour for the basement ceiling. We often get happy for a white ceiling. To make it look more spacious and attractive you have to say yes to the ceiling paint. It should have a perfect blending with the colour of the wall. You can definitely go for dark paint colour like that of charcoal, or brown shades. You can also use spray colour for your ceiling. In that case you have to apply it for three to four times for an effective look.  Often see that basement have ductwork, so, for an industrial look you can expose those ductworks.

Wooden beam for basement ceiling:

Wood has always been the perfect choice to the designers as well as to the home owners. So, you can easily fulfil yourdreams by using wooden planks across the ceiling. The beams should be narrow don’t go for wide wooden planks as because the ceiling is comparatively low. Wooden beams are very easy to install. But keep in mind one thing that before you install the wooden beamstries to paint it once so that if there is any stain it can be hidden.

Laminate planks for the basement ceiling:

Nowadays laminate planks are widely used for ceiling decoration. For a classic look ceiling beams are usually done with the help of rectangular laminated planks.  Whenever you choose the colour of the planks it should have a contrast effect with that of the colour of the basement. If your basement is of dark colour then the laminated plank will be of white colour. Wooden laminated planks or eggshell blue colour planks are the perfect one as it can suits in every colour of the basement

Plaster ceiling repair cost and tips

Ceiling is being called as the “fourth wall” of a house. The most common texture that is being used for the ceiling is plaster. But try to remember one thing that whatever ceiling design you choose for your ceiling proper maintenance is a must. We often see that plastered ceiling texture is very much susceptible to damage. So, in that case it is necessary to know the remedial methods through which you can easily come over this problem. So, if you know these tips then it will be quite easy for you to repair this ceiling. This article will give various types of tips to overcome this problem. Let’s just have a thorough glance on the below stated points.

  • Generally, with the gradual process of time the plaster gets removed and that creates some kind of tiny holes in the ceiling. First and foremost thing is that you have fill up those holes with the help of speckling compound, then you will require a putty knife through which you have to apply the compound on the ceiling. Leave the ceiling for few hours to get dried up.
  • After you apply the first half of the speckling compound then leave some time to get dried up after that you have to go for another layering of compound that will be a second coat.
  • After you complete with the two coats of the compound then you will require a sandpaper just to smooth the surface of the ceiling and then you have to paint the ceiling especially on the defective areas. When you are using the colour be sure that the colour matches with the original colour.
  • Then next type of defect that we usually come across is that when the plaster get loosen up, what you will do in that case.
  • If the small parts of the plaster is coming out in that case you have to take out the plaster halves. But if you see that bigger parts of the plaster is coming out in that case you have to fix them up for that you will require the screw driver and also the plaster washer.
  • If you have a bigger portion of the defective area in that case you have to then first you have to measure the area of the ceiling then cut a small plank of wood with the same measurement and then fix it with the help of the screw and washer. After that you have to apply the speckling compound on that in order to conceal it.
  • Another common problem for the plastered ceiling is that with the hairline cracks in the ceiling. In that case whenever you see the cracks then always try to apply joint compound on the cracks. To smooth the area you have to apply speckle knife.
  • When you are going to apply the coat of the joint compound then you have to apply for at least twice or thrice. Each time before applying the coat. The first one should get dried up and it should be one inch more.

Inspirable false Ceiling Design

Inspirable false Ceiling pictures gallery see in this Blog as will Home , office and function hall for false Ceiling Design layout below we have to publish as many time designer creating different look so we just updating special false Ceiling plans.

Inspirable false Ceiling Design 2013

Inspirable false Ceiling Design 2013

Inspirable false Ceiling Design 2013

Source : photosofinteriors

Tray Ceiling Design and Decor Tips

Interior decorations can be considered as the perfect blend of creativity and decency. It is a skill where you are giving a different dimension to your art of creativity. Home decoration includes, designing of floors, walls, ceiling, lighting, outdoor space. Ceiling decoration should be given much importance as proper ceiling decoration along with proper lighting; it can make the room exotic and attractive. You will get a various type of ceiling designs and as well as ceiling textures, but considering your room size, your affordability and the pros and cons of the various ceiling texture, you have to install ceiling design. Generally, ceiling design basically chosen on the basis of its durability and looks which can last for long and with its stylish look can increase the curb appeal of your house. Tray ceiling is one of them. Tray ceiling is that type of ceiling design which can go for any room type and gives a neutral effect to your room. Tray ceiling actually looks like an inverted tray, on that various type of designs and shapes are made for an attractive look. This article is going to provide you various type of decorating tips on tray ceiling among which you can choose for your rooms.

Tray Ceiling Design

source : pinterest.com

One of the main advantages of the tray ceiling is that, if anyone install tray ceiling in a small room then it can make an impression to look the room more spacious. Sometimes you might be confused that tray ceiling might be be a bit similar to that of the drop ceiling as tray ceiling also hang lower than that of the original ceiling. Some of the basic ingredients that you should keep in mind while installing tray ceiling to your room, like the colour of the ceiling, material, glass and off course the moulding.

Shape of the ceiling:

The first and foremost thing that you have to consider about the shape of the ceiling, as said earlierthat the shape of the ceiling is just like that of the inverted tray, but the depth of the ceiling that you choose that exactly depends on your choice and according to the size of the room. But the most common design that you come across is rectangular and square shaped, nowadays circular tray ceiling design are also found apart from these many pentagonal and hexagonal designs are also available in the market or the designers can also design it if you order.

Steps of tray ceiling:

The main feature of the tray ceiling is that it should have step included that can be either two or more than two. It is specially designed in the shape of the layers. Basically steps are added according to the depth that you want. For an attractive and exotic look you can add for 4 steps if your main ceiling is about 8 feet high then your teat ceiling will be at least 8 to 9 inch higher than the main ceiling.

Crown Molding:

Molding is basically done at the steps of the ceiling. Wooden planks are added just for the decorative prop. Colour is used for these planks which can be a perfect blend to the colour of the wall. Classy designs are available for the moulding you can choose according to your choice. Black and brown mouldings are used especially when the colour of the wall is of dark colour.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture guide

Modern ceiling designs serve many purposes. The first and the foremost thing is that it helps to make the ceiling more attractive and give a new look to your ceiling, it helps to cover or hide the flaws of the ceiling, it provides to maintain the ceiling properly, most importantly it protects the ceiling from damage. Knockdown ceiling texture is a type of ceiling texture or a kind of ceiling maintaining in which ceilings are used to paint or just mudding the ceiling to give an attractive and finished look. Just like popcorn ceiling texture, knockdown ceiling texture actually done to hide the problems of a damaged ceiling. In knockdown ceiling texture “hopper-sprayer” is used to spread out a kind of liquid which can act as a kind of painting. Basically it is being done of about compound layering and this texture is being done by the designers, but the surface of this texture ceiling is a bit of uneven surface. Knockdown ceiling texture is a bit similar to that of the popcorn ceiling designs. Through this article we are going see the various pros and cons of this ceiling texture and what are the tips that you should follows before installing the knockdown ceiling texture. Let’s just have a through glance on the knockdown ceiling texture.

Generally drywall ceiling techniques are most commonly used for installing knockdown ceiling. Knockdown ceiling actually gives an impression of even smooth ceiling as it is painted in such a way that the light gets bounced and a result of which it gives an impression of smooth and even surface.

How the knockdown ceiling texture is being done:

Knockdown ceiling is actually a drywall finish. First through hopper sprayers paint is being spread on to the walls then a compound plaster is being used which is commonly known as “mud”. Then with the help of a trowel or a knockdown knife, the ceiling is made even.

This mud which is being used in this ceiling texture is cost effective. You can get these materials at a very low price.

You can install this knockdown ceiling of your own by following these following steps:

  • First to create the space you have to move all your furniture, and if you have immovable objects in your room cover them with plastic sheet. Also cover the floor with the help of the plastic sheet.
  • After that you have to mix the joint compound or the mud or the wall texture powder with the water, careful about the measurement of the water so, that it should be thicker than that of paint.
  • Pour the mixture in to the manual sprayer.
  • Then put the nozzle of the sprayer to the direction of the ceiling and pump it to spread the texture. There is no fixed pattern of spraying the texture but makes sure that the texture should get all over the ceiling.
  • Then with the help of the ladder you have to use the drywall knife to knockdown the ceiling for a smooth appearance. Continue the process till it gets finished.
  • When you are scraping the ceiling, keep in mind that you have to do it in a uniform manner and it should get a swirl effect.

Roll on the sheet of sandpaper until it gets dried up and your knockdown ceiling texture is being done.

Home Coffered Ceiling Design for 2013

Ceiling design has now become one of the main integral parts of the interior designing. In earlier times ceiling was not given much importance as it was been considered the fourth. Our general convention regarding the ceiling design was that the ceiling was only white and plain. But now a days designers have come up with various type of ceiling design to make attractive. Ceiling design has got its importance because they play a very important role in increasing the curb appeal of the house. An attractive ceiling design along with attractive ceiling fixture can undoubtedly make your house exotic that can either be your living room, or bedroom, or kitchen. Among the various ceiling design, coffered ceiling design is nowadays used widely. In this coffered ceiling design, panels are attached to the ceiling. These panels are designed like that of rectangle, octagon, square shaped with various type of lighting fixtures. Coffered ceiling usually gives a feeling ethnicity and classic look to your room. Basically the design of the ceiling design differs according to the room size. These panels are highly decorative and designs are available according to the requirement of the customers need.

Coffered Ceiling Design 2013

Coffered Ceiling Design 2013

Coffered Ceiling Design  in kitchen

Coffered Ceiling Design  in kitchen

dining room in Coffered Ceiling Design

dining room in Coffered Ceiling Design

Source : mydesignchic

Modern Apartment Ceiling design

Ceiling is best fashion option of home décor, without Ceiling no good home, presently each Apartment in making entrance and room inner side active ceiling look. Amazing flat room doors and slider window look, after watching look we surprised from Apartment Ceiling, after next days i have to decide make a that type Ceiling design in my own home, so in that case i have to spend more money for Apartment Ceiling, after complete my home Ceiling work, now days every one asking me about my home ceiling. below we have to republish some Apartment Ceiling pic.

Modern Apartment Ceiling design

Modern Apartment Ceiling design

Modern Apartment Ceiling design

Modern Apartment Ceiling design

Source : inka-inari

Drop false Ceilings design in kitchen

False Ceilings design in kitchen

Drop ceiling is also known on various names like suspended ceiling or false ceiling. Suspended metal grid ceiling hangs from the main ceiling with the help of the metal wires. Nowadays drop ceiling is one of the most famous and most common ceiling design, apart from the decorative use drop ceiling has a number of utility like it protects your room from dust and germs, it protect from electric short circuit and also it protect from fire. It has another advantage that it controls the residual sound that can be produced by the home theatre or any kind of loud noise. So, it can be the perfect solution for installing drop or suspended ceiling especially in your kitchen, because this can provide you both beauty and safety and these two things are very much necessary for kitchen.  As I said earlier that drop ceiling increases the insulation rate and protects from fire so, these two things are actually very much necessary for kitchen. But generally many us, we feel hesitant to install drop ceiling in home because it gives an effect of stuffiness but now there are huge variety of designs are available in the market as well as provided by the designers, through which you can easily install drop ceiling in your home especially in your kitchen. Through this article we are going to see some of the designs of drop ceiling which you can use in your kitchen.

False Ceilings design in kitchen

False Ceilings design in kitchen

Exposed ceiling:

You can install exposed ceiling in your kitchen area. The main feature of the exposed ceiling is that, the panels that are used for the ceiling is been done with the help of the wiring and the panels are totally fixed to the grid. The panels are usually in the shape of “T”. Maintenance of this type of ceiling is very easy. Here in this exposed ceiling you can use recessed lighting fixtures or grid lighting system. As it kitchen so it is advisable not to for chandeliers.

Concealed false ceiling:

Concept of concealed false ceiling is older than that of the exposed ceiling. The main feature of this type of ceiling design is that the panels or the grids are interlocked with each other. The main advantage of this area is that it can never damage the main ceiling. Basically this type of false ceiling is being installed in the kitchens where the main ceiling is not necessary to clean.

Tips of designing false ceiling in your kitchen:

  • For an abstract look to your ceiling you can remove the ceiling tiles and get the grids reveal.
  •  You can also use wooden or steel pipes for more attractive look.
  • You can also go for plastering your drop ceiling this can definitely going to give a new look to your kitchen
  • You will get a huge variety of designs with the tin tiles and can be used for the drop ceiling.
  • Faux leather and stones can be used as the material for the drop ceiling this can give you a very nostalgic look to your kitchen. Wood can definitely be one of the best options for the grids of the suspended ceiling.
  • Green, yellow, peel orange will be the best colour option for the ceiling of your kitchen.

If you want to give your kitchen a rustic look and give a look like that of a cottage then you go for wooden planks for your kitchen.

Drop ceiling designs in Home

2013 ceiling designs in Home

Drop ceiling is popularly known as the suspended ceiling or the false ceiling. Among recent trends of ceiling designs, suspended ceilings can be considered as the most preferred designs by the interior designers. Not only it looks attractive and elegant but it also has a number of benefits. Actually drop ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling that is being hung from the main ceiling and it is being made metal grids and usually hangs by the hangers or wires and there are many other hardware components to support the suspended ceilings.

From a suspended or a drop ceiling you can enjoy a number of benefits, such are as follows:

  • Drop ceiling can give you the best attractive designs which give an innovative look for your home. You can get a large variety of drop ceiling designs in its colour, grids and texture. So, you can undoubtedly go for a drop ceiling for your home.
  • The next advantage that you can enjoy is that these suspended or false ceiling is very much to install. If you have some hardware tools, proper planning and the appropriate designs and materials even you can install a drop ceiling easily with much fuss.
  • Generally, all the electric wiring, cable connection, and other electrical and mechanical networking is being beautifully done and safely secured in the suspended ceiling so for that even at the time of repairing you won’t face any problem as it will not hamper the main ceiling and most importantly it’s absolutely safe, it helps to protect your home from short circuit or any other electrical problem. That’s why Indian interior designers prefer to have drop ceiling as India, users face a huge electricity problem and it’s a very often case to get short circuit cases due to lack of proper electric wiring.
  • Another important benefit that a drop ceiling can give you is that it gives a sound proofing effect and it gives you a better sound resonance.
  • It helps to protect your home from getting dampen and sag resistant and that is why the Drop ceiling can prove very advantageous for the countries like India which have a humid climate as in this type of climate walls get dampen and ceilings too.
  • The best part of it as this type of ceiling protects your home from fire. It’s proven that the residents of these types of houses who are having drop ceilings they are safe from the threat of fire.
  • Generally these types of ceilings are created from white panel which gives a brighter space underneath for which the need for extra lighting facilities get reduced quite a lot. Thus, it is very energy efficient.

Now, let’s see of how you are going to design your bedroom as well as kitchen:

For kitchen it will look the best for kitchen is that it will look more attractive if you choose tiles shaped suspended ceiling and the colour of the tile should synchronise with the accessories that you choose for your kitchen that will give an impression that your kitchen is very much spacious. Try to avoid metal grid drop ceiling for a kitchen that is basically suited for spacious room like you living room.

Next is for your bedroom try to keep one thing that whatever ceiling design you choose that should create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for that for bedroom the wooden suspended ceiling will be the best option. One more thing that is it should not be grid but rather it should flat extended suspended ceiling. And one advantage for these type wooden drop ceiling is that it go with any colour and texture of your bedroom.

So, those who are still thinking that whether you are going to have a drop ceiling design or not then please don’t waste time just go for it as it gives you a large number of benefits and it’s also very much reasonable.

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