Luxury Bathroom Ceiling Design

Amazing Bathroom Design

When we see the some pictures that time we just imagine about the pictures design, plans and Ceiling. some time many pictures in they displaying Luxury Bathroom with Ceiling and Lighting just imagine when we go in luxery bathroom that time our, bath room dream will be complete :) we have to collect some Luxury Bathroom design for different different sites, just see and try to go for Luxury bathroom. Making excellent color designed of high class bathroom styles is not a difficult task. Choose a combination. Even though you’ll have a one color or single style, this is not going to look a lot wonderful for bathrooms. Add chrome bathroom accessories which will better suit the glass theme. For bathing room floors use the highlighting type, sleek tiles. Make sure you pick the slip proof bathroom flooring tiles for bath area and a sq . close to tub. White and black, purple and white, beige and white, gray and red are a few of the better color style ideas for Luxurious bathroom designs.

Marble Bathroom Design Photo

Small Indian home plans with Shop Attach

Home plans

Now days almost everyone is inclined to small home plans and designs, due to the rapid growth of the skyscrapers, housing space are getting reduced day by day and gradually moving to the apartment buildings and cottage homes are increasing. On the other hand everyone is being engaged in work or job and naturally we usually do not have much time to maintain that is also one reason where we generally tend to have a small home.
For a dream home we always wish for, and we all want to give a creative dimension to our most adorable home, we have a conventional idea that we can decorate only in a spacious home but it is not at all true you can also reflect your creativity even in a small home or an small apartment so don’t worry we will help you to design your small home to make your home a dream home.
Before designing your home you should be very much planned regarding your requirements and your budget.To decorate your small home within a tight budget usually a main problem faced by many.We all require a separate space for ourselves, so even for a small home try to have a separate place for your workplace. It’s not that you have to make a separate are for workplace, but you can use the unused nooks of your house simply by measuring the required space then by height and width, then you require 1×12 pine wood plunks, 1×2 MDF, sheet of stained grade plywood and a can of touch up wall colour, hiring a carpenter you can easily get a free space where you can spend a little time with your work.

Generally we can see in a small home plans there is one space for both dinning and sit out area. Now you might be thinking that how you are getting to separate these two. Just by putting a sheer curtain between you can easily separate the sit out area and the dining area and if you wish you can remove it and can join it together.
Kitchen can definitely be considered as the heart of the house, and you have to maintain certain things through which you can easily change the look of your small kitchen. Try to use one colour palette for your kitchen; for every room there usually a key item , just like in a bedroom you can have a canopy bed, for a living area you can have fireplace, similarly for a small kitchen space is the key item. So, by using one colour you can or one theme you can easily make your kitchen a complete and single unit.

To give a unique dimension for your small cosiest bedroom, you can simply add circular small mirrors, as mirrors will increase the depth of the bedroom, but if you place a big mirror then it will create an image of square look which will not suit for your small bedroom. For the small bedroom usually there is a storage, for that you can use dough bowls for the cushions and pillows, or rolling drawers attached to your bedroom this can make your bedroom look attractive and spacious.Now you might be thinking that you what accessories to buy and from where to buy then for this you can visit to the below stated sites and from there also you can shop.

Modern Living Room Ceiling Lights

Lights- they have their ways to work through the shadows and misty darkness creating and illuminating spaces in the most mysterious and alluring manners. Lights matter a lot in a house or room and the right lighting can do wonders to any kind of room.

How lights work on a room’s beauty and essence :  If you are looking for a way to enhance the beauty and meaning of your home, then one of the best ways to do so is by getting the right kind of lighting. Lights have a way to work through the system of the house and the way it looks so that the main points of the room can be highlighted in the right way, throwing shadows in the right corners and creating the kind of look and feel which makes a house a nice, cozy, home.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

image Source : (

Living room and lighting :  Your living room is the place which should be your pride. It should be tastefully decorated, comfortable and inviting and every inch of space in that room should speak about the personality of the owners. It is the place where you invite your guests and it’s the place where you get to make your first impression. Choosing lighting for your living room can take some time, in case you want to get it done right. Ceiling lights are known to create the best kind of presence and feel for living rooms and there are plenty of options to choose from these days. You can shop online or personally from malls and stores and get what suits your budget and living room decor the best.

Steps to choose living room ceiling lights :  If you are planning to select the right kind of ceiling lighting for your living room, follow these steps to make a better selection-

a)      First of all you must understand how much space you have to spare

b)      Then fix a budget

c)      Think of a theme if you want to

d)     Start looking through interior lighting décor magazines, blogs and websites to get ideas

e)      You can also go for customized lightings if you want a more personalized look

f)       You should think of the number of ceiling lights which you’re planning to have

g)      Keeping electrical fixtures in mind, think of how work you’re planning to get done in the living room (which would include, interior wall wiring and plastering and re-painting as well)

h)      After that start looking for options within your budget

i)        You can also consult or hire and interior decorator for the job

j)        Finally, you should always go through more than one electrician or home electric company before you make a selection

These few tips will help you make a good selection and help you get your ceiling lights installed in your living room in an efficient manner.

Make a smart selection, take your time : The look you want to create with warm, comfortable lighting is ultimately going to create the right kind of feel and presence that’s created in the room. So take your time and make a wise selection.

2013 Textured ceiling designs

Many of the designers are thinking to show their creativity by their power of innovation by giving much effort on renovating the ignored part of the houses or apartments. The best example for this is the ceiling of your house or apartment. Previously ceiling was the most ignored part of the house or better to it is the fifth forgotten wall of the house. Owners usually think of the design of the house, what type of furniture they will buy and where to put that all, colour of the rooms, what will be the interior colour and also about the exterior colour. What will be the accessories for the washrooms, to the kitchen or to the living area? But actually nobody cares for the ceiling of the houses. It designers are successful to change this kind of thinking. Interior designers have already come up with different kind of textured ceilings which can easily decorate your house and definitely change the look of your house.

Now we will see the designs through which we can easily change the look of your ceiling.

Basically in late 90’s or 80’s textured ceiling was done in order hide the imperfection of the house, but now days this actually not being done only for this purpose. Textured ceiling is used for the ceiling design to add x-factor to the apartment or house. Let’s talk about the first one. Popcorn ceiling design, popcorn ceiling was actually evolved in 60’s and 70’s popcorn texture ceiling designs basically found in old homes. Popcorn design is specially designed to hide the flaws of the house. Next we can speak of the drywall design which is basically designed to hide the pattered ceiling it was basically used after the popcorn ceiling. It was used by making the surface smooth of the popcorn ceiling with the putty knife and then putting the plaster. That’s why drywall is also known as the plaster. Now let’s talk about the knockdown textured ceiling. Knockdown textured ceiling is much more finished and it also gives a smooth look to your home. Through a compound layering of the plaster it smoothen the popcorn ceiling; sometimes it’s being done with the orange peel. After that you can apply the colour as per your wish to give a finished and glowing to your ceiling. Next we can come across stomp kind of textured ceiling. This type of textured ceiling is basically done in a very thinner proportion and this type of textured ceiling is not being done to hide the flaws of the ceiling. It’s being done with the compound joint layering and after that they apply the different cracked brush for designs as it’s very soft in its texture. That’s why stomp textured ceiling is also known as the crowfoot design.

Thus textured designing for ceiling can easily give your ceiling a new look.

Tray Ceiling Design in bedroom

As per the interior designing is concern, creativity is reflecting everywhere, that may be designing your guest room, dining room, bedroom, or it’s your kitchen interior designing has touched their golden hand on it. Just before a couple of year’s interior decorations were limited only to the office and to the shopping malls but now days everyone is now in a want to design their dream home or apartment with their own sensibility and choice. So, the home decorations are getting more and more popularity and new innovations are coming into being. Previously, designers doesn’t put too much effort for the designing of the ceiling, because we all well aware that ceiling is the most ignored and careless part of the home. But now it’s not at all true, designers are coming with new style and creation for the ceiling. Now days many innovative creation are coming in like drop ceiling or false ceiling, tray ceiling textured ceiling and many more. Let’s talk about tray ceiling type, and where it will be best suited.

via image source ( )

You must be thinking that what kind of ceiling design would be best suited for your bedroom. Your bedroom is very spacious and well decorated so, what type of ceiling designs will match with it. So, in that case tray ceiling type will be the best option for it. Tray ceiling is generally used in dining area, drawing room and bedroom. This is mainly because tray ceiling is best suited in those areas where there is enough space, because it gives a very cosy kind of atmosphere. Tray ceiling is actually an inverted tray shaped design of the ceiling which is now days a common feature of the ceiling design. A tray ceiling design can easily be an extraordinary touch up to your bedroom which makes your bedroom graceful and ethnic. Basically the tray design of the ceiling are of two types first one, it can be designed in the soffit manner and the second one is of box-shaped. The first one means the soffit pattern usually used by the designer or by the owners who want to lowered down the peripheral ceiling if your bedroom is not enough spacious. But naturally the box shaped tray ceiling is usually used this is basically due to make the bedroom bigger. As because the box shaped tray design is intruded in the ceiling and it gives an impression to the height of the ceiling, it actually increases the height of the ceiling. Generally designers always try to increase the volume of the home or apartment that’s why they always prefer to have a tray ceiling in the bedroom as it can easily increases the height of the room than the owners usually thought of. And thus, large furniture can easily go with it. Generally interior designers usually prefer to have golden colour for the tray ceiling. They always like to prefer different colour of the rest of the wall, which can easily maintain synchronises with the rest of the design. You can put a red border along it which definitely enhances the look of the bedroom.

Covering popcorn ceiling with tiles

Covering popcorn ceiling with tiles

Interior designing may be the oldest designing trend for the houses or for the cottages but the difference was that at that time interior decoration was being done the owner itself or by the painters but now the owners have the trend to hire a person who will select the entire designing schedule including the furniture, choice of the furniture, colour schemes for the rooms, design of the tiles, if you go for the false ceiling then what will be the designs for it. In one word your designers will actually decorate your apartment from tip to toe. Now days we are getting more and more acquainted with the various ideas and thoughts that are being endorsed by the designers in your apartment. Within this couple of year interior designers are coming up with new innovations. Previously ceiling as we all know was being termed the forgotten fifth wall but now we can easily come across with beautiful designs for the ceiling including the false or dropped ceiling, tiles design for it, and many more, now just talk about the ceiling designs that are being found during old periods. Popcorn ceiling is an old form of ceiling designs. Even now also we can get have a look of the popcorn ceiling basically for the older homes. The purpose of the popcorn ceiling was basically to hide or conceal the flaws of the houses. But now many of the owners or the interior designers usually suggest changing the popcorn ceiling through paints or through designs.

The owners who have their old apartments or homes when it comes for renovation they actually don’t go for popcorn ceiling basically for two reasons first is for its looks and the second is for some disadvantages. First issue that pops up with the popcorn ceiling was that the health issue. While making of the popcorn ceiling usually asbestos get mixture with the material, but this asbestos is a very highly toxic element it’s very much dangerous for health. Diseases like asthma, allergies and some of the respiratory problems come up. Moreover, due it’s heavy textured it’s very difficult to paint, to get repaired and most importantly the particles usually fallen off with the passage of time, this causes eye infection and allergies. That’s many of us now trying to get rid of popcorn ceilings. Now, the next thing which arises, how you will remove the popcorn ceilings? If you are in a want that to remove the popcorn tile then it’s easy to remove through the putty knife, spraying with water, sponge it and then paint it, but it will be safe if you do it by the experts only. If you are stick with ceiling tiles then you have you have put the tiles in a grid system. You have adhere the tiles with glues but in that case you have to keep it mind that covering the popcorn ceiling with tiles that will too risky because with the passage of time it can get loosen and as a result of which it can fallen down including those popcorn grains of the ceiling. For, that you should have to be very much careful and you have to instruct the expert to loosen the ceiling material before adhering.In that case drop ceiling or false ceiling or drywall will be the best option for covering the popcorn ceiling.

Exterior false ceiling in drawing room

We are the generation of 21st century, as the time moves on trends are coming on and on. Now a day there is no limits and no catches. Whatever you want it will in your hand whether it’s your gadgets selection or your attire or it’s about your home decoration. Make-over has changed the entire world, from leaps and bound. As we all know interior decoration is now the recent trend to décor your sweet home or your apartment. Interior decoration gives a new look to your home from your kitchen to your washroom. What type closet you will have at your bedroom, how you will fit lights at the drawing room, will you have wooden cabinet or a glass cabinet at your kitchen? So, your interior designer suggest you with you all this. Now just let’s talk about your drawing room and about the ceiling. Ceiling is generally the ignored part of your home. It generally doesn’t catch the eye of the guests. So now interior designers come up with attractive decorations and designs for the ceiling for your home or apartment whether it’s big or of average size. Now it’s the recent fashion to have a well décor ceiling which will definitely catch the glances of your relatives and friends.

image source ( )

Let’s talk about false ceiling which the designers have chosen as the best and lucrative way to design your ceiling and decorate your ceiling. By the name itself we can very well understand that the ceiling we are going to talk about its not real rather its false. False ceiling is the secondary ceiling which is being hung just under the concrete structural or the primary ceiling. Now on this ceiling you can easily put designs to have new look to the ceiling. False ceiling can be called under many different names such as drop ceiling, suspended ceiling. Apart from the interior decoration false ceiling has many other advantages. The first and foremost is the safety issue. Through a suspended ceiling in your drawing it circulates fresh air because it has a straight way passage that easily absorbs air and circulates fresh air. The materials that are used for false ceiling are basically made up of anti-toxicity fibres which are not at all toxin in nature. Moreover it absorbs the toxins that are generally released by the hanging lights. In a drop ceiling ventilation process is being maintained very well. Next and which is the most important feature for the dropped ceiling is that false ceiling protect from fire spreading and within a very short tenure of time it absorbs the toxin gases and it stops from spreading the fire around.  Now just have a swift glance of how a false ceiling can make your drawing room attractive. For a primary ceiling lights are not usually well fitted. But for a false ceiling you can easily decorate your drawing with lights. If you have a big drawing you can also use chandeliers under a wooden drop ceiling.

Thus, you can undoubtedly go for the false ceiling from your drawing room to give a well- furnished look.

Kids bedroom ceiling decorating tips

Kids bedrooms are the places where your little bundles of joy rest after mostly an adventurous day. Kids have immense energies and their imagination power is way greater than what adults have. It is the childhood of any human being that the basics of life’s lessons get infused in them. A lot of ideas drive the little minds and many principles become solid. So, whatever the person sees as a child has a big impact on his/her future.

If the person has grown in a creative environment, the mind shall become creatively/artistically driven. If the person has grown in a surrounding that was fulfilling for studies, the person will be serious about studies and the like. So, you have great chances of even deciding what your child would think or how he/she would be motivated by something. The kids bedroom, where your child might spent a lot of time can be used creatively to guide their little minds in doing something fruitful with their lives in the future.

Making the kids bedrooms interesting does not only allow providing fodder for their imaginations, it also allows them to be in the house or in their rooms for longer time (otherwise they mostly keep running out of the houses…) as the element of interest they always keep on seeking would be present right there in their bedrooms.

Have you noticed that the bedroom ceiling is watched more than any other room’s ceilings? So, they can be the ideal places to infuse elements or designs of interest. You can use the kids bedroom ceilings to infuse designs that revolve around the favorite subjects of your kids. If the kid loves Aristophanes  is interested in stars, loves art, is a nature-lover or anything else, you can design the ceiling that is revolves around these subjects. The design can either be put by paint or by using miniature figurines, stickers, hangings or custom-made patterns.

Children’s bedrooms are just great to do any experiment with the colour or patterns. Grown-ups spaces are not ideal for using bold graphics or colours shades. You can actually take the ceiling of your kids bedroom to incorporate any interesting idea that might not be possible in your room. Their rooms are like blank canvas that allows you to easily paint your child’s lovely world of imaginations.

False ceilings that are used extensively these days can be easily used to infuse many different ideas. Hidden or mounted ceiling lights create interesting patterns very easily. If you are not in for bold colours or loud graphics, you can use a plain ceiling with a light colour and create a shield like structure on the ceiling that only has an array of LEDs that blink in some pattern. Such LEDs are easily available in any lighting store in your town.

If the kid is below the age of 10 and loves cartoons, an interesting design of his/her favorite cartoon character might be drawn on the ceiling or ready made stickers can be applied. Cartoons are just an example. They can be replaced by any favorite design of your child which may include a picture of the sky with stars in it, a lovely landscape design with many flowers or trees and many more.

Lighting fixtures in creative shapes also create a dramatic look. If not very huge chandeliers, a piece or two of creative hanging lights would do the required.

Make the room bright. Use a lot of colours and designs. Make way to your imagination or ask your children what they would like to see. You might get some interesting ideas from them. After all, the kids have to live in the bedroom and the priority should be given to their choices.

Many interior design stores have good material especially designed for kids bedroom ceiling decorations. Such goodies can be easily included in their rooms with little efforts. Going through the Internet might also help you in getting interesting ideas that can be easily applied.

False ceiling designs for living room

False ceilings are secondary ceilings that are typically suspended below the primary/main ceiling of an architectural structure. They are known by many names like dropped ceilings, suspended ceilings or T-bar ceilings and address many functions. But when these were introduced, they served the main function of providing an acoustic balance to the structure.Below False ceiling design by expert.

Photo gallery of living room false ceiling. 

Bedroom false ceiling designs photo

Guest room false ceiling designs photoEco friendly home in false ceiling designs photoEco friendly home in false ceiling designs photo2013 Bathroom false ceiling designs photoopen space hall in false ceiling designsfalse ceiling designs for guest roomimage source :

Below we have to mention three example living room False ceiling designs pictures see and make a good plan for your living room and Bedroom.

False ceiling designs for living room

As the times changed, false ceilings started serving many purposes like housing electrical wires in the room thus hiding them to give the area a clean appearance, providing space for centralized air conditioner, fire sprinklers and centralized lighting amongst many other.

Soon, it was realized that such ceilings can also serve the purpose of providing designer aspect to the structure. A lot of materials suitable for creating false ceilings became easily available and added to the growing ideas of designing such ceilings, now we have a plethora of false ceiling designs around all of us. They are making simple places near you beautiful and trendy by their mere presence. False ceilings easily transform a plain structure to a piece of art. They look great when created in sync with the structure’s design, color and feel.

False ceiling designs for living rooms, especially, can easily make the room much trendy without having to put a lot of efforts and money for choosing the right accessories to beautify the room. Living room is the room in a house where people entertain their guests and so, efforts are made to make it look as trendy, different and lavish as possible. False ceilings easily provide this feeling to the room.

False ceiling designs for Luxury home

false ceiling designs for luxery homefalse ceiling designs for luxery kitchenfalse ceiling designs for bathtub spacefalse ceiling designs for glass bedroomfalse ceiling designs for dining spaceimage source : freshome

As mentioned earlier, a lot of materials have been introduced that are just ideal for building false ceilings. Many types of false ceilings are also possible. According to the demands of the architectural structure, the available space, the desired cost to be put in and the design requirements of the owner, ceilings of various kinds are created.

Now-a-days, there is no limit to the available colors of paints, lighting fixtures and other accessories for beautifying false ceilings. Many vendors also provide ready-to-fix false ceilings that can be fixed at home or with a little help from any local craftsman. If you are in the process of thinking about a false ceiling for your living room, you should understand a few things about false ceilings:

  • False ceilings decrease the height of the room by 4-6 inches or sometimes even more than that according to the design put, so it would be good to apply false ceilings in a room with good height.
  • Due to dampness in the environment or due to other leakages like in the fire sprinklers or the pipes that carry water for them, there are chances that you may require timely repair or replacement of the ceiling, thus adding to your costs.
  • In case of a bad design or an overtly designer approach, false ceilings might add to the loudness of the room which may make the space small and unattractive as well. Remember, it is not necessary to add every design element possible to a single room. Minimalistic designs, when put artistically, look extremely impressive.

Rest depends on what you choose and how that idea is implemented. Remember to go through the web for some while before you finalize a design, you may get struck with something more interesting.

New Drawing Room Ceiling Designs

A simple room in your house can be turned out rightly artistic and beautiful if design your house’s ceilings properly. It has been ages from when ceilings used to be simply whitewashed and painted with a dull color, hosting only the ceiling fan or a few decorative lights at most. Now, a trendy ceiling is the in-thing and if you too wish to have a beautiful decor that goes with the current trends think of having a designer ceiling.

Ceilings are no longer kept flat, simply painted. You might have had an old design in your house where the ceiling used to be flat, without any layers of cardboards, Plaster of Paris or wood to cover the basic building material of the ceiling, the drawing room ceiling paint managed according to the drawing room furniture or according to the architectural principles like dark colors minimize the virtual space and light colors add to the prospective area.

Drawing Room Ceiling Designs

Now, a lot of options are available for ceiling designs, a lot of materials are used to add artistic layers to make a false ceiling that can host the centralized air conditioner, emergency fire control system pipes or the lighting in the room. Colors, designs, cuts and a lot of accessories are easily available in the market that can be used to make a simple ceiling a piece of art which would drastically transform the space around you.

Drawing Room Ceiling

The newest design ideas for ceilings revolve around making the most of the space you have while also having a ceiling design that could exemplify the virtual space in a small room with a low ceiling and reduce the virtual height in a very high ceiling. A lot of experiments are being done with the material used. In the near past, false ceilings made from Plaster of Paris and cardboard were prevalent. Now-a-days, glasses, light wood, metals like steel and aluminium are widely preferred due to the varieties in design and unique moldings they offer.

If you get a chance to tour the internet and search for new drawing room ceiling designs, you will find interesting pictures of some real innovations in architecture. You’ll get to see simple ergonomic designs, simple, multi-purpose accessories and interesting ceilings. Having different ceilings also do a lot more than just adding an aura of beauty. They can host the centralized lighting system, the fire protection system pipes, cover the wiring and add virtual beauty.

Adding dimensions to the room can be essentially a very good use of designer ceilings. Attractive ceiling domes and medallions add welcoming dimensions to the room. Domes also give an illusion of height to the room, thus could be a great add-on to a room with a low height ceiling. A unique character is added because of the texture and type of material used to craft the ceiling.

Tray ceilings are also very popular as they allow you to use the maximum space of the ceiling to host any design ideas regarding the lights, a painting or accessories. A high ceiling with a double tray looks simply superb with a central chandelier. If you wish to apply, thousands of ideas are available at the touch of a button and a simple search across the internet. You can also experiment with the available material and your own design ideas. A different ceiling is afterall what is expected, because really, plain ceilings not appreciated anymor

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