2014 top 10 Kitchen appliances

Kitchen is the place where the home maker spends most of their time. So, kitchen looks at its best with the modern appliances. Here through this article I am going to present before you a short catalogue for the modern appliances that you can include in your kitchen. First I will take about the wall mounted stainless centrifugal blower, the main work of it is that it keeps your kitchen clean free from dust, and avoid oil stains. Next I will talk about stainless steel and aluminium mesh screen which is quite similar that to blower but it keep it blow away the extra warm air from your kitchen. Next for a modern look you can add stainless thermo electric wine cooler. You can install a buffle filter in your kitchen. You can use an electric kettle in your kitchen. Apart from these you can put induction heater, microwave, in your kitchen. You can also use double door stainless steel refrigerator. You can install stainless steel glass holder or that can also be the wine glass holder.

Kitchen Gas Hob


microwave stand

colorful spoon in kitchen


mobile stand in kitchen


Mini Cupcake Maker


colorful salt pot in kitchen


fruit Juice machine


Hand Juice machine


hand Vegetable Cutter machine in kitchen

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Red Indian kitchen design

Interior decorations had come up with new dimensions each day. Today through this article I am going to present various kitchen interior decoration ideas with red back drop. If you want to give a dramatic look to your kitchen you can use the red and white combination for your kitchen, this type kitchen decoration is being termed as “country kitchen style of decoration”. The walls of the kitchen will be red and the crockery and the pottery shelf of the kitchen will be white and even the collection of the crockeries will also be of white base. For more goddy looks you can also add black granite counter tops. Many a times it happen that owner doesn’t feel OK to have a red paint on the walls, for that you can add a retro style to your kitchen. It’s not necessary to have red walls but you can add little red kitchen appliances or utensils, you can also use red printed curtains or drapes for your kitchen, you can use polka dot designs for the crockeries.

Red kitchen design 2014


Red kitchen in red furniture


Colorful red kitchen designs

red kitchen island

Bold Red Kitchen Cabinets

Rich Red Kitchen paint


Red Kitchen cabinets box

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2014 Fresh kitchen gallery

Kitchen is essential part in the home, each home lady want to make fresh kitchen look but first step is paint. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you should know that with a little paint you can leave them as new, knowing what they can paint and how to combine colors give will achieve a very acceptable change. But it is also essential to recognize what types of paints are the most suitable for kitchen. In the case of a total renovation of the decor it is best to change the color permanently and White, red, pink, silver, yellow those colors are better to painting with a special look that provides perfect in kitchen. See the perfect look of the Kitchen.

posh kitchen paint 2014

Large kitchen paint

black furniture kitchen paint

yellow color Kitchen paint

fresh Kitchen paint


Source: freshlookkitchens

White kitchen design

White has always been providing with a very classy look. So, if you want to give a 70’s look to your kitchen then in that case you can choose white coloured theme for your kitchen. This article can provide you some of the guidelines of how you are going to design with white colour. If you choose white colour for your entire kitchen then it is advisable to go for straight lined cabinets. Generally white makes the room look smaller so to make airy and spacious don’t add too much of kitchen accessories. You can go for wooden ceiling and wooden floors with small wooden stools. This can give your kitchen to look somewhat like Florida houses. You can choose a mix match theme for your kitchen, where you will put white as the base colour and add accessories that will be of contrasting colours, like geometric designs for table mates of contrasting colour. For a contemporary style you can choose white leather chair, but it is preferable to have black floor.

Kitchen Design Tips from Urban Grace


Coastal Kitchen pic


classic white kitchen design


Expert Kitchen Design


amazing white color kitchen ceiling design


open white color kitchen


Inspire white color kitchen design


White kitchen for marbal and lighting


ceiling light in white kitchen


white color breafast room

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Kitchen cabinets door design

Kitchen cabinets ever extend of the home kitchen, last decade from different kinds cabinet door had in the market, but latest look in most popular are Airy with Louvered Doors, Shaker Doors, Grill-style Cabinet Doors, glass doors and more. The choice are different individual, due to when come kitchen interior part, first focus on kitchen cabinet, doors, color pattern and look. We sow kitchen entrance have a some thing special so, each one trying to make different appearance for home kitchen. Many kitchen Cabinet are vertical and horizontal shape, so this part decide on kitchen space, according to expert horizontal box for large space so, forever try to install vertical box header side and bottom side, lets see the door design.

white kitchen cabinet

glass kitchen cabinet door

Cabinet Doors Handles Modern

Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Cabinet Door With Knobs

Vanilla Kitchen Cabinet Doors

wood kitchen door design

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Keep Cool with Air Conditioner

The people, today, have become very dependent on the latest technology and the comfort it provides. Science and technology have found many appliances to provide the easiest and comfortable life to mankind. From the needle to zip and wheel to vehicle, all instruments are invented for convenience of mankind. There are many technologies without which many people cannot even sleep in the night, and one of these technologies is the air conditioning system. The rise of global temperature has forced people to sit in the cool air of this artificial cooling device, which has become a basic necessity for many people these days. These air conditioners are very helpful in hot areas and give the people a comfortable environment to do their regular work. To keep this comfort going on for a long time, it is very important to make sure that the device works properly, and if there is any kind of an issue with this, it can become a headache. This problem can be easily solved by contacting the service that is dealing in the air conditioner spare part. Use the best parts for your dear air conditioner to keep you cool and fresh every time.

The repairing:

There are many qualities of the air conditioners available in the market, but all of them are subject to some or other type of replacement in its lifetime. There are also many different ways by which one can get his hands on the correct and good quality parts available to replace the faulty ones. The good parts can take the cooling system back to the peak performance that is desired by everyone. To have genuine parts, one must ensure the shop or service center which is the quality oriented and reliable.

Where to get the best:

There are certain places from where the best of the parts can be acquired for the effective functioning of the cooling system. Just try them once in case you need, and you will realize it.

  • The best way to get the best thing is to make a purchase from the same company from where the device itself has been purchased. The manufacturer can know the system the best and thus can create the best part for the repair purpose, as well. Most of the companies which are manufacturing air conditioners are also manufacturing the peripheral parts. Even if the air conditioner which is not in the market in the present date, there are spare parts available with various dealers.
  • One can also go for the parts made by other companies as there are many companies which manufacture the parts which work equally well on the other brands as they do for their own. Many times people go for this option to save cost as many of the companies are offering the parts at a higher price as compared to the other companies.

Author: The author here is a technician who is very much knowledgeable on the working of various devices which are very high in technology, but are commonly used in the regular life. The author keeps giving his valuable inputs on this to www.nanya.co.in.

Range hoods in kitchen for new home

The important role of range hoods in the home, hotel kitchen remove the gas, cook smell, Nasty air remove way of Range hoods. Two type are Range hoods one is inside in the kitchen for removing smell and second is ductless range hoods on the other hand filter out the odors from the air. Most usages in Indian, American and Japanese kitchen,this type tools very important for luxury kitchen. Kitchen smoke remove for window fan set in the home, both option better and cheap for every one. Hurry up and try to set good Range hoods in your smart kitchen.

Range hoods in kitchen

Range hoods in hotel

Range hoods hd pic

Range hoods for black kitchen

Range hoods pic 2013

stylish kitchen in Range hoods

Range hoods in small kitchen

Range hoods in marbal kitchen

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2013 Japanese Kitchens new look

Generally the women folk spend most of their time in kitchen. It’s always being their favourite place to reside and as a result of which kitchen design plays a very role in the interior designing. Nowadays you will get a variety of contemporary designs of the kitchen, among which the most popular is the modular kitchen. Through this article I am going to share the Japanese style of decorating you kitchen which can not only make your kitchen attractive but also easy accessible to you. The main them of the Japanese kitchen design is that there will be Japanese traditional settings with modern look. The Japanese kitchen design look as if “bringing people together”, that means in kitchen there will be cooking, eating and also relaxing. It should have enough space. The cooking area is being centralised with attached dining area. Japanese style of kitchen means clean and simple with minimal approach that may be in choosing accessories or cabinet. The counter top of the kitchen should be of stainless steel and the colour shades will be soft and soothing and there will be wooden flooring.  The designs from ToyoKitchen.

colorful kitchen design

Modern kitchen pattern

Active kitchen wallpapers

Japanese Kitchens pic

Wood kitchen ceiling design 2013

Black kitchen pattern and black cabinate

glass japanese kitchen design

Large kitchen design

Aluminium kitchen cabinet

Open kitchen in the home

Modern kitchen pattern on ceiling

source: home-designing

How to clean home kitchen tiles

Kitchen is the most important part of every house where you cooks everyday foods, and a place of leisure for the women. So for an intact appearance neat and clean kitchen is a must.

So always make your kitchen neat and clean it also good for health, because hygiene is the ultimate thing. Generally even in the most updated kitchen we see that the kitchen are covered with kitchen tiles this is mainly because kitchen tiles are very easy to maintain. The main problem that we often come across is that due to intensive cooking many a times it happens that oil stains get patch over the kitchen wall and those stains and dirt’s are not easy to remove as a result of which kitchen tiles are extensively used in almost each and every kitchen so that those stains can easily be removed through stain removing liquids and machineries. There are many home made solutions which can help you to clean your kitchen’s tiles. Lots of stain removing liquids and machineries like automatic mopper are now easy available in the market.

There are differenttypes of tile you can find in kitchen and their cleaning process also differs. Generally kitchen tiles get blackened and dirty due the heat and oil that comes out while cooking and proper and regular maintenance is very much necessary otherwise those stains will stay forever.

Nowadays new modern techniques are available through which you can avoid getting stained in your kitchen. Kitchen chimney is one of the best examples. By the use of kitchen chimney, it can easily absorbs the oil and vapors that usually comes out during cooking and as a result of that you avoid the kitchen tiles in getting stained.   It the modern technology used in kitchen now a day but it costly and not easy to maintains.

Ceramic Tile: It widely used in kitchen. Ceramic Tile is easy to available in the market with comparatively low cost. It maintain also very much easy with hot water. You can use micro fiber mop to clean it. This is ahomemadetip of cleaning kitchen tiles and it comes under low cost range.

Hardwood Tiles: This type of tiles cleaning is more header than ceramic type. But there is a home base technique available for that. You can add tea bag in boil water and make anacetic solution for clean the tiles. This solution is easily clear the kitchen tiles.

Granite Tiles: Is more expensive than ceramic tiles but more durable. It maintains cost near to zero but it need to polishing to give newly look. But beware of acetic solution. Don’t apply any aceticacid solution on it. Acetic solution can damage the texture of the tiles and it can leads with breakage of the tiles.

Plastic tiles: plastics are also seen in many of the households. The owners who cannot afford higher price tiles they use plastic tiles. Plastic tiles are very cheap and very easy to maintain. You can clean the tiles just with the help of stain removing liquid and then mop it. But it is advisable not to use plastic tiles because they doesn’t have too much durability.

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