Latest curved kitchen design for hotel and small restaurant

The “U” Shaped look Kitchen design mostly use in the restaurant, bar, coffee shop and garden kitchen. This kitchen ready made cost is very high but you can also made from kitchen expert / designer that time some amount will be less. When you build this kind of kitchen that time wall color consider and same suitable paint keep for the curved size kitchen. If as your kitchen color is white then keep a same suitable color for this, before making this design take a advice from kitchen expert. See the some creative curved look and try to change hotel appearance.

curved kitchen in lighting

Latest curved kitchen for home

Beach home curved kitchen

curved multipal kitchen design

Small curved kitchen design

Small curved kitchen in ceiling design

White curved kitchen

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A contemporary kitchen in classic cabinet

Day by day changing a home improvement ideas, like kitchen, living room and other important part in the home, now we are discussing about a contemporary kitchen, you know? What is exact meaning of the contemporary kitchen, this type kitchen in total facility of the making cook and special cabinet for separate equipment like mixer, vegetable cutting item, pan, Cookar and much more. Next part is accurate measurement of inner plan and inside decoration. Hurry up to change the your kitchen look if as already then remodeling it.

kitchen in wood boxes

contemporary kitchen in hang light

contemporary kitchen in black cabinet

contemporary kitchen in classic furniture

classic cabinet boxex in kitchen


Awesome black Kitchen design in 2015 year

Black is common color each one use in daily life, but furniture category  in looking some thing special effect and good appearance due to black furniture, some case modern Architecture & Designer making a black kitchen design, see the below some samples of the design.

3d black kitchen design

2015 Awesome black Kitchen design

Awesome black and red Kitchen design

New black Kitchen design in marbel

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2015 latest as modern kitchen look

This is a room for preparation of food stuff and cooking food for family members and occasional guests. Adequate light, proper ventilation and necessary arrangements must be made for the house wife or cook. Cleanliness is a must. Safety against fire hazards must be kept. The supply of water in the kitchen sink and to a tap within the kitchen must be ensured. A platform of suitable height should be provided in the kitchen for installation or placement of a cooking range or chullah or stove so that the cook can prepare the food in standing position with comfort. A cabinet or a rack for storing raw food stuff, grains and spices should be provide within the reach of the cook so that his/her movement during cooking is kept as minimum as possible.

The size of a kitchen and its shape should be planned by keeping in view the allocation of spaces as mentioned above. The kitchen should be located close to the dinning space and it should have individual access from bed rooms. It is preferred not to locate the kitchen very close to the bed moms. It should never be placed on the front side of the building. It is normally built on North-East or North-West of a building. The minimum width of a kitchen is 5 to 6 feet. A small kitchen (kitchenette) size is 5 feet x 8 feet with a separate storage space. The normal size of a kitchen is 8 feet X 10 feet or 8 feet X 12 feet. A kitchen must have a smoke outlet and if possible, should be provided with an exhaust fan.

2015 glass kitchen design


2015 modern glass kitchen design


glass kitchen design


glass kitchen ceiling design


Red color fully glass dining table design

Today I bought fully glass dining table, it’s side color is red and surface side is large weight glass total is white, such as this is very interesting and mind blowing view table, check out the below pictures.

Red dining table hd pic

Red dining table chair

glass dining table design

New Kitchen Countertops design

Kitchen looks perfect only when you have perfect kitchen furniture. Kitchen countertops which  storage cabinets, gives a very sleek and neat look to your kitchen. Today my article is all about varieties of  kitchen countertops. The first thing which you have to choose is the material. You will find countertops of granite, soapstone, and marble. Try choose materials according to the theme you choose for your kitchen. You can have metallic countertops and along with it you can use wooden stools and for lighting, try to use contemporary design of hanging lamps. Soapstone countertops which will be dark color especially black , will be a great choice. For smart choice, go for black&white theme for your kitchen i.e., marble countertop, black wooden stools and whitewashed wooden storage cabinets. For a very sophisticated industrial look you can use stainless steel countertops. If you want to pick the option of granite countertops then for walls and for cabinets you can choose whitewashed wooden plank design, and black granite countertop  will be perfect.

Whenever to go for designs of kitchen countertops then try on both looks and durability.

New Kitchen Countertops design

kitchen soapstone counters

small  kitchen for counters

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Green Granite in kitchen countertop

Granite is a type of marble, mostly use in the kitchen table counter top side. You know where to use green granite mostly use in near for instance kitchen surrounds, fireplace and even tops for tables and accent furniture. Several towns have remodeling centre’s that will pick up supplies such as granite and extra home improvement items. This offers house owners the chance to enjoy the luxurious of granite even if they have minimal costs. Manufacturers will also have remnants after making counter tops from organic natural stone slabs. I am going to show some design of granite.

Green Granite in kitchen


White and green granite in kitchen countertop


Black granite in kitchen countertop


Biskitcolor granite in kitchen countertop


classic green granite in kitchen countertop


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Cottage Kitchen latest style

Cottage Kitchen for first important role is rustic and relaxed atmosphere as then bright paint in the kitchen after look will be cottage. You know best paints are for C kitchen bright-orange, lime-green, and red are some other are color but which is suitable then you can keep. When you buy, made a table then use bistro style tables it’s looking good in this type kitchen. Ever match cabinets styles with cabinets due to mind blowing view, this type kitchen mostly use in the farm house. We have some design of cottage Kitchen see in below gallery.

Cottage Kitchen style


Cottage Kitchen style 2014


Cottage Kitchen in gas photo


Color full cottage Kitchen pic


cottage Kitchen in table


Images source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

New most beautiful kitchens in india

Kitchen is a hurt of new and old home, so pretty kitchen also important for our home. White and grey color combination such as mind blowing views. According to our kitchen expert and kitchen plan designer they say’s “Many things difficult to design prove easy to performance.” Means before making a plan it’s very difficult for planer and architect but when total build that time design easy to prove and look, such as kitchen setupment very difficult, it should be add in plan like that lighting, cabinet, trolley, ceiling, appliances places those point also mention in plan, after whole install then see pretty look of kitchen. A lot of architect designed beautiful kitchens in world wide see the blow.

10 Most Beautiful Kitchens in the world


Beautiful Kitchens


White Beautiful Kitchens


Beautiful Kitchens in the world


Beautiful Kitchens in India


Via source: kitchenarchitect

White Kitchen Cabinets

Basically modular kitchen in using a white color cabinet, due to white cabinet whole kitchen look has a change and give it a spacious feel. When you plan to remodel kitchen, various elements you need to for change kitchen room look. A take Suitable Combinations for White Cabinets for instance White and blue color combination, red and white color as will as purple color also decent in kitchen. If as you have already white kitchen cabinet then just install a counter tops.

white modern kitchen cabinets


white kitchen cabinets lowes


white kitchen cabinets design

white kitchen cabinets near fire place


Ivory Kitchen with Black


Black and White Kitchen with Patterns

Via source: traditionalhome

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